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Bidit Roy

Filmmaker, 2D Animator, Graphic Designer, Photographer

Bidit Roy is a self-taught documentary filmmaker based out of Pune, India. Born in the sunshine state of Rajasthan, Bidit spent two years working as a software developer before entering the creative industry professionally. His films have been screened in over 70 film festivals worldwide. The 2019 short doc ‘The Bee Rescuer’ has won 9 awards internationally and over 41 Official festival selections.

He is a yatri at Jagriti Yatra (2017) - the world's largest entrepreneurial expedition and a fellow at Docedge (2021) - the Asian forum for documentary filmmakers. Bidit was recently honored at IFFI 2021 as one of 'India's 75 Creative Minds' by Gov. of India.

Bidit loves animals and follows a Vegan lifestyle. He recharges himself with mountain treks, spontaneous road trips, strumming his guitar and exploring culinary arts.

Always wanted to attend IFFI (@iffigoa) after going through some selection process. Though I wasn't having a festival ready film to submit this year but found out about this new and exciting opportunity from a friend. Glad to be in the final 75. Looking forward to experiencing IFFI & Goa for the first time. 😃✌
Thank you all for believing in me. Keep supporting!❤
- @roybidit
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Everything has a story and so does the name 'Flight of Bluebird'
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Announcing FLIGHT OF BLUEBIRD initiative to support enterprises and non-profits affected by Covid19 induced stress. 

Head over to http://www.tinyurl.com/enterFOB to know more and register. (Bio)

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The curiosity after the drone lands 😁
c. 2019

Courtesy: @talkingantzstories

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Super stoked to share that our feature documentary 'A Safe Haven' made its first appearance at 'Docedge Kolkata 2021' held virtually in May as a work-in-progress film. We are fortunate to make it into the final 24 projects handpicked by an international panel of award-winning documentary film fraternity. 

'A Safe Haven' is documentary based on the life journey of the founders of @makenewlifengo

Grateful to all the patrons and well-wishers who have supported the project so far! ❤️

DocedgeKolkata, Asian Forum for Documentary, focusing deeply on intensive development of original storytelling skill and creation of co-production opportunities, is an annual international documentary incubation-cum-pitching forum for Indian and Asian filmmakers. 
To know more about them visit www.docresi.org / @docresi

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'Bamboo Lawada' is another film which is very close to my heart. I remember vividly my first recce trip to Sampoorna Bamboo Kendra at Lawada in May 2016.

Sunil Deshpande, the visionary behind the movement left no stone unturned to change the way India perceived Melghat - which was as a region marred with malnutrition, illiteracy, unemployment and superstitions.

He along with his wife - Nirupama Deshpande committed themselves to revolutionize the traditional bamboo artistry and empower the tribals. They exposed the isolated people of Melghat to the knowledge and experiences of not just Indian artisans but even professionals from foreign lands.

I had the fortune of spending close to a week with them at their Kendra in Lawada. By the end of my stay, I didn't feel like returning to Pune, but I had to as their story had to be told. The film is quite special as it opened the world of film festivals to me with Bamboo Lawada being the first film to get selected.

Today, I am heartbroken to know that Sunil Deshpande ji is no more. He succumbed to Covid after putting up a strong battle in Nagpur. 😞 This is really a sad day for our nation as we have lost a gem. A person so kind hearted, humble, knowledgeable and progressive has gone too soon. I pray for his soul. May the family get all the strength to bear the huge void left behind.

Rest in peace Sunil sir! 💐

Sharing some behind-the-scenes from those beautiful days. @roybidit
repost @roybidit 
The secret behind her smile!
Swati aunty lived a tough life at her native Satara, Maharashtra. She was forsaken by her own family after she fell in love and married a person from other caste. Plenty of years went by for the reconciliation. Life took an ugly turn after her husband passed away 13-14 years back, which commenced the long phase of pain and suffering at the hands of her own son. She was mentally and physically tormented to such extent that she used to be scared of going back home after a day's long work. Her sister who stays in Pune asked her to flee from there and come to her place. Leaving everything behind, she left Satara with whatever she was wearing. Aunty joined @madhurbhav as a resident staff. She loves serving dadu/dadis and enjoys the blissful company of resident dogs - Radha and Pari. MadhurBhav is where she says she will work till end of life. Now aunty is very contented, happy and relieved with her new found microcosm. 

While sharing her personal story, she couldn't hold back her tears. Being a mother she misses her son and only wishes that he's happy. I never had imagined that all these years when she used to greet me with her beautiful and infectious smile, that there lies a lifelong tale of grit, agony and love. 

At the end of interview I touched her feet and hugged her gently telling her that I, @harshaddeshpande and Vitthal are all like your son and that you are surrounded by good people. But the way she tightly hugged me back and wept, made me feel how deeply she longs for this gesture from a person of her son's age. Such is the fragility of heart and the power of hug. I am really thankful to Anjali Deshpande ma'am for creating such an ecosystem at MadhurBhav. You are truly a source of inspiration for many. More power to you and all the heroes who work round-the-clock to make world a better place.

To all - Kindness is the key!
(a 'smilegrab' from the video interview)

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The Pillion and the Rider during the shoot of Challenging limits: Ride for 💯 km (@green.cycle.club). Watch the video. LINK IN BIO 🔗

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Feb 28
Some behind-the-scenes from last Sunday's Century bicycle ride of Devendra Yadav (@green.cycle.club). Courtesy: @theyashrane 😎✌🏻

Had a sleepless night, wondering how quickly my film 'Everyday Cyclist: Challenging Prejudice' turned two that day. And also because we had to wake up by 3am to begin the pre-ride process. What a day it was! 😅

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I wanted to share this clip on a special occasion, and finally have got one. So, today on the first day of 2021, Devendra Yadav aka Everyday Cyclist (@green.cycle.club) crossed a milestone of 60 km cycle ride for the first time. Earlier he could max do 50 km.

For many cyclists it may not be something significant but since I personally know Devendra sir, I can clearly see that it is for him. What you are seeing here is the raw clip with the actual audio captured while I was filming his story in 2019.

I never knew the struggle behind his cycle rides until I started editing the film. I got goosebumps listening to this on headphones. He shed his blood and sweat so that I could shoot the cycling sequences. Many a times I asked him for retakes. That was an uphill task for him considering the physical condition he is in.

His sheer grit and dedication to push limits and achieve the impossible is quite evident. @deven_bw Sir, you are truly an inspiration for ordinary folks like us. God give you more strength to accomplish all that you dream of. May more people start cycling everyday.🙌🏻

I have trimmed the video to keep it short but in the complete clip he chants over 14-15 times.

<<< Swipe left to see the sequence from the film ‘Everyday Cyclist: Challenging Prejudice’

🎥 To watch the complete film. Check LINK IN BIO

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! 😀

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The A team 🤘
Super grateful to these wonderful people for helping me to shoot the Season 2 of @pawthon held in Dec 2019. Watch the video on our YouTube. LINK IN BIO

Direction/Edit/Motion Graphics: @roybidit
Camera: @ashutosh_balki @alok_02 @mukulwadhwa (@theindianroute) @talkingantzstories @roybidit 

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Interview at 'Great Companies.in'

Bidit Roy : I see Bluebird Moving Stories as a place where causes and voices which are away from the spotlight get all the attention and support. A 'good' video story is the first touch-point for anyone to get associated with any individual, cause or organization. And a 'good' film can come at a steep price. Bluebird wants to bridge the gap...

Rescuing a dog shelter during production

City film-maker Bidit Roy, who joined the NGO in 2019 to make a documentary on the couple, did not anticipate that the subject of his film will soon change. Arun & Suvarna Pasare faced numerous challenges doing their work in the wake of Covid19 pandemic, so much so that they had to move their location to Kasarsai with 135 stray animals. After five months of efforts, the shelter was relocated in a massive project led by Bidit.

Guardians of the Sky

How a new film on the lives of Air Traffic Controllers, by city-based filmmaker Bidit Roy, went viral. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, ranked as the busiest single-runway aerodrome in the world, appeared calm to the independent filmmaker, Bidit Roy, from atop the Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower in Mumbai. Commercial airliners, even the biggest ones, looked no bigger than a toy plane to him, but the unobstructed view of ...

Filmmaker Spotlight: Bidit Roy

Bidit Roy is no stranger to community activism and social change efforts, but he had never thought of the bicycle as a tool for bringing together people from different backgrounds, until he met bicycle maker Shailesh Krishna. Bidit says Shailesh also had a child-like tinkering inquisitiveness that charmed him.

Featured on 'Voice of Achievers'

“The fact that I am making meaningful films on the side along with client work is what keeps me going. I love the whole process of film-making. It’s like meditation. It’s challenging at times to handle everything alone but quite rewarding when people embrace it in a good spirit when a film is released.”

A Conversation with an Indian Documentary Maker

Ben & Bikes’ Podcast (formerly Bikes And Podcast's) first international episode featuring an interview with Bidit Roy, Indian documentary film maker. I was introduced to Bidit by Ayleen Crotty of the Filmed by Bike Festival and subject of Episode 11. I talk with Bidit about his love of making documentaries, how they connect him to people who have a story to tell and his latest film.